Kalkine Media is owned and operated by Kalkine Ltd. We are an investor relation group and media house based in St. Mary Axe, London.

Kalkine Media provides a knowledge bank entailing various comprehensively researched work products and news on LSE listed companies (Blue-chip, mid-cap and small-cap companies) along with insights on macro- and micro- economics that drive the markets on a day to day basis.

We specialize in providing a high-end content driven platform covering industry news, market commentaries, specific company announcements/ updates, result releases, and stock price movements while also touching upon market catalysts at a global level relating to demographics and key economic indicators. Sector driven announcements and movements in commodity space, contribute as the second pillar of our publication platform. We also focus on educational content as the third pillar to help investors comprehend various financial/ equity related terms and jargons.
While Kalkine Media does not provide any financial advice for investment purposes, our goal is to keep the general public or investors updated about the ongoing and latest developments in equity and economic space through the publication of news and work products, which are general in nature.