Hyundai Motor Company resumes operations at Ulsan Plant

Hyundai Motor Company (LON: HYUD) has informed about the resumption of operation at Hyundai Ulsan Plant, etc.

  • The company has reported that it has resumed the supply of components which caused the supply disruption.
  • The sales revenue impacted by the resumption of operation was of KRW 43,160,108,000,000.
  • Of the total sales revenue of the company of KRW 96,812,609,000,000, the portion impacted by resumption of operation was of around 44.58 per cent.
  • On 14th February 2020, at the time of writing, GMT 08:12 AM, HYUD shares were trading at USD 32.80, down by 0.20 points or 0.61% against the previous day closing price.