Top 25 FTSE Stocks by Dividend Yield (10-Jan-20)

Kalkine’s dividend yield scan provides the top 25 FTSE-traded Dividend Stocks in view of the below factors

    1. The stocks are deduced from the FTSE All Share index and are identified to be the stocks with high dividend yields and decent fundamentals / financial performance over a period of time
    2. The list is an exemplary list and can include the following taking into account the associated criteria
      1. Stocks with market capitalization across the range of Blue-chip, Mid-cap and Small-cap (above GBP100 million) categories.
      2. Stocks with Annual Dividend yield over 5% (in general) with or without franking.
      3.  Stocks having an impact from share price downfall given the explicit screening from dividend perspective.
      4.  Stocks with special forms of dividends declared by respective companies.

List of TOP 25 FTSE-traded DIVIDEND STOCKS with Yield over 5% (10 January, 2020)

S.NoIdentifier (RIC)Company NameCompany Market Cap
(Millions, GBP)
Dividend Yield (LTM)P/E (Daily Time Series Ratio)Price Close
1GFRD.LGalliford Try Holdings PLC175.9136.6%2.02158.40
2VSLV.LVPC Specialty Lending Investments PLC250.4910.0%11.0080.30
3CRST.LCrest Nicholson Holdings PLC 1,089.34 7.8%8.38423.80
4NCYF.LCQS New City High Yield Fund Ltd258.647.3%33.6960.60
5AV.LAviva PLC 16,193.87 7.3%7.09412.80
6RECIV.LReal Estate Credit Investments Ltd354.957.1%12.76169.50
7SLA.LStandard Life Aberdeen PLC 7,295.57 6.9%0.00311.80
8NESF.LNextEnergy Solar Fund Ltd727.346.8%11.19124.50
9GLO.LContourGlobal PLC 1,266.31 6.8%66.98188.80
10SMIF.LTwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund Ltd176.746.6%23.9295.40
11AEWU.LAEW UK REIT PLC149.746.6%9.6398.80
12DLGD.LDirect Line Insurance Group PLC 4,483.23 6.5%10.50325.90
13SSE.LSSE PLC 14,733.79 6.5%9.22 1,425.00
14PHNX.LPhoenix Group Holdings PLC 5,295.92 6.4%11.16734.00
15IGG.LIG Group Holdings PLC 2,522.24 6.3%15.97682.40
16CLIG.LCity of London Investment Group PLC115.596.2%12.76435.00
17MARS.LMarston's PLC768.816.2%0.00121.20
18HFEL.LHenderson Far East Income Ltd495.756.1%16.91365.00
19BSIF.LBluefield Solar Income Fund Ltd526.365.9%11.69142.00
20RGLR.LRegional REIT Ltd481.565.8%12.58111.60
21PSSL.LPollen Street Secured Lending PLC615.805.8%16.39828.00
22GCPI.LGCP Infrastructure Investments Ltd 1,152.56 5.8%19.46131.20
23PCA.LPalace Capital PLC150.845.7%322.03327.50
24BATS.LBritish American Tobacco PLC 79,872.73 5.7%13.28 3,482.00
25BHPB.LBHP Group PLC 99,355.09 5.7%13.96 1,782.00