BT Group Plc Introduces A Set Of New Services, Products And Skills Programmes For The UK

  • BT Group Plc (BT.A) has introduced a set of new services, products and skills programmes to help make a well-connected and more competitive United Kingdom.
  • Bringing the BT brand back to UK high streets in over six hundred stores, the company will be launching a new team of nine hundred Home Tech Experts to support people with digital tech in their homes, and to assist in the workplace too.
  • The company is investing to support, build full-fibre to 4 million premises by March 2021 with an ambition.
  • On 9th October 2019, at the time of writing, GMT 12:31 PM, A shares were trading at GBX 179.26, up by 3.12 points or 1.77 per cent against the previous day closing price.