Applied Graphene Materials Plc Develops Composite Applications For Space Exploration With Infinite Composites Technologies

  • Applied Graphene Materials Plc (AGM) together with Infinite Composites Technologies has developed a composite material technology which is apt for specific space applications.
  • The development of the composite applications for space exploration tracks extensive product development and a stringent testing programme as part of a long-standing association between AGM and Infinite Composites.
  • In the market in which the company operates, where performance is critical, the tailored dispersed graphene materials integrated into its two resin systems allows ease of use and in turn ensure quality, repeatable structures to be built.
  • On 3rd October 2019, at the time of writing, GMT 12:19 PM, AGM shares were trading at GBX 19.00, up by 1.0 points or 5.56 per cent against the previous day closing price.