Frontier Developments Plc Announces its FY 2019 Results

Total revenues increased by 162% year over year to £89.7 million while operating profit surged by 593% year over year to £19.4 million. EBITDA spiked by 209% over the year-ago period to £29 million. Cash balances increased by £11.2 million to £35.3 million in FY 2019.

The company’s strategy of supporting and nurturing its titles through free updates, community engagement as well as through chargeable content continued to pay off. The company announced securing a major global IP license for a future game release in 2021.

On 4th September 2019, at the time of writing, GMT 11:35 AM, FDEV shares were quoted at GBX 1038, down 76 points or 6.82% over the previous day closing price.